Handicap Singles Sweeper

Squad Times

$300 based on 35 bowlers

Entry Fee $40 + 1 time membership fee of $10 for the championship.

Every Friday night @ 6:30 PM
June 11th--August 13th

Championship round August 20th
Sponsored by BowlersMart Peoria

a) Weekly qualifying events start on Friday, June 11th - August 13th.
b) The Championship Sweeper will be Friday, August 20, 2021.
1) NOTE: a minimum of five (5) out of ten (10) qualifying events must be bowled to be eligible for the Championship Sweeper.
a) Any player arriving late shall begin play with the score to count from the frame being bowled.
b) Ten (10) minutes practice will start at 6:30pm and scoring will begin at 6:40pm.
a) There is a one-time membership fee of $10 to be paid at the 1st Sweeper you bowl.
b) Membership will be only $5 for any bowlers starting that cannot qualify for Championship Sweeper.
c) Any member’s entry paid prior to the start of each Sweeper will count towards the qualifying of the final Sweeper and the prize money
will be added to the Sweeper.
Prize Fee $24.00
Bowling & Expenses $11.00
Championship Sweeper $ 5.00
TOTAL $40.00
a) Bowlers will move 1 pair after each game.
b) Ties in the qualifying round will be determined by the highest last game bowled. In a tie for the money or in match play there will be a
th & 10th frame roll off.
c) Less than 22 entries
1) Bowlers will bowl a straight 6 game format
d) 22 or more entries
1) Bowlers will bowl 4 games of qualifying and cut to the top 8 for match play – a head to head single game elimination bracket.
2) 1st vs 8th, 2nd vs 7th, etc. The bowler with the highest score including handicap will advance until we have a winner.
3) More than 48 entries, we will cut to the top 16 for match play.
a) We will use your highest ’19 –’20 average
b) Handicap will be 80% of 220
c) Maximum of 50 pins per game
d) No USBC Book Average will result in bowling scratch
e) If your average is now 10 pins or higher for 21 games or more, you must use that average. USBC tournament rule 319e.
f) Sweeper director has the right to re-rate any bowler prior to the start of each Sweeper.
a) 1
st Place will pay $300 based on 35 bowlers
b) The Sweeper director will settle any disputes
c) Prize fee will be returned 100%
d) Top qualifier after qualifying round earns $20 off next week’s entry.
e) Final Sweeper everyone eligible will receive cash.
a) Bowlers must be USBC members and in good standing.
b) Premature termination of the Sweeper brought about by war, national emergency or emergency causes relating thereto or therefrom fire,
natural disaster, or any other reason beyond the control of the Sweeper shall cause, to the extent required thereby, all advertised prizes,
guaranteed or otherwise, to be prorated in accordance with the number of entrants who have bowled in each of the events up to the time
of such termination.
a) Tony Schnack 309-229-4361 peoria@bowlersmart.com
b) Travis Anderson 309-685-7000 landmarkta2018@gmail.com