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King of the Hill Week 12 of 17

Squad Times
Oil Pattern
Tournament Details

Weekly Tournament on Friday’s. Arrive by 9:45pm, Practice starts promptly by 10:10pm. Must bowl 6 out of 16 weeks to qualify for Aug. 17 King of Summer Finals

Entry Fee ONLY $30.00: Included is a Cash Bonus Based on Entries: Top Qualifier & High Games Paid for the 1st 3 Games of the Qualifier Games, Multiple Spots Based on Entries.

LANES ARE OILED BEFORE BOWLING EVERY WEEK Bowl on a Different Competitive Oil Patterns Each Week!
Weekly Oil Pattern Schedule

June 1: Kegel Middle Road 39ft
June 8: PBA Dragon-Like 45ft
June 15: PBA Earl Anthony-Like 42ft
June 22: Shaun's Puzzle Piece 38ft
June 29: PBA Mark Roth-Like 42ft
July 6: Kegel’s Statue of Liberty 47ft
July 13: Shaun’s Pyramid 40ft
July 20: Shaun’s Tornado 48ft
July 27: PBA Johnny Petraglia-Like 36ft
Aug 3: PBA Dick Weber-Like 45ft
August 10: Shaun’s Nightmare 39ft

King of Summer Finals August 17th
(Must have bowled at least 6 out of 16 weeks to bowl this night)
Left Lane 52ft Great Flood
Right Lane 28ft Great Drought

Patterns & Graphs: www.shaunstournaments.com/oil-pattern-graphs.html

Weekly Prize Fund
About 1 in 3 Total Cashing Ratio
1st $300
2nd $200
Top 2 Also Win a FREE Entry Next Week
3rd $100
4th $100
5th - 8th $70 each
9th - 12th $30 each
Bonus: Top Qualifier $20
Based on 64 Entries. *1st and 2nd win FREE Entry to the next weeks KOTH

Qualifier Game Pot
1st $40
2nd $24
Paid Each Game based on 64 Bowlers
6 almost get their entry paid for

Format and Prize Money Info
~Open to ALL Bowlers, Youth win Scholarship, or Inman’s/Pro Shop Gift Cards optional if under $500
~ Lanes WILL be oiled using Different Oil Patterns each week according to the schedule above.
~Practice 10-15 minutes starting promptly at 10:10pm, move around to any lanes in practice.
~ Random Draw For Starting Lanes after practice.
~3 Game Qualifier. Rotate 1 pair to the right after each game, Top Qualifier wins a Cash Bonus
~Cash Bonus: Top Qualifier $20 & Mystery Series based on entries. Multiple winners/ties split the money.
~$5 Brackets Available Each Week during the 3 Game Qualifier. Usually get 10-20+ brackets weekly.
~The Top 31 are guaranteed to move on to 1 on 1 Match Play in a Seeded Bracket.
~Entry Fee $30.00 Per Week ($18.00 Weekly Prize Fund, $3.00 Qualifier Games Pot, $1 End of Series Prize Fund, $8.00 Bowling Fees)
~FREE Entry Included into the 3 Game Qualifier Pot, Pays multiple spots each game based on entries
~Top 2 each week also win a FREE King of the Hill Entry for the next week only. Sorry, No Substitutions.
~Qualifier Ties: Bowlers will roll 2 balls, 1 on each lane. Total count max 20 will move on. Strike=10. If you strike+ 7= 17. If the other goes 9+9= 18. 18 moves on. Higher Seed chooses who starts and on which lane. Bowler 1 rolls Ball 1, then Bowler 2 rolls their shot on the same lane, then switch lanes for Ball 2.
~Matchplay Ties: 1 Ball Rolloff with Higher Seeds Choice
~ Series Point Leaders: Bowlers will be awarded 1 Point per game bowled. Champion each week gets an Extra Bonus Point for Winning. 3 points per week guaranteed when you bowl and 1 point for each game you make match play. The Top 15 Earn a Discount to the King of Summer Finals. Top 5 Places are FREE, Any Champions From This Summer Series & Places 6-15 are a ½ Price Entry.

*King of the Summer Finals*
Projected $1,000+ Added
Friday August 17, 2018
All Series Champions & Bowlers who bowled at least 6 out of the 16 weeks are invited to the King of Summer Finals. Based previous years average of 50 Bowlers Per Week, This should add $1,000 to the Final Nights Prize Fund.

Up for the Challenge? We will put out the 52ft Great Flood the Left Lane, and the 28ft Great Drought on the Right Lane.

Entry Fee is still $30.00. Point Leaders earn free or discounts on entry this night. Those that bowl ALL weeks bowl FREE.
**BONUS MATCH vs Shaun = Win & Cut Off His Ponytail!!**
If you are short on weeks, Buy-In at $10 each missed week

17 Weeks: April 27th thru August 17th No Commitment, Bowl Anytime